Wealth Management

Wealth Management

“Matrix Banco” offers comprehensive Fund Administration services as well as tools designed to help multiply an investor`s assets. Our firm provides financial services for individuals, corporations, and even self-managed superannuation funds via a Forex Exchange Managed Account offering.

Our goal is to help our clients gain confidence by the high amount of transparency in our services, assuring that they entrust their assets to an industry leader. Accountability and delivery of superior performance in today`s markets provides unique investment solutions for any sized portfolio.

For institutional partners, the firm provides alternative investment portfolio administration services across the wide range of Forex Exchange Instruments.

The ability to produce above average returns for our clients, and make a positive difference in their lives by helping them achieve their long term financial goals, is our main focus.

Wealth Management

Our approach concentrates on placing money in premium investments as well as highly-liquid markets to maximize return on investments as soon as they become available.

“Matrix Banco” approaches trading with 100% dedication. We avoid vogues and noise and only invest in instruments with the potential for sustainable growth. All of these are managed by our highly experienced and skilled investment team.

The Foreign Exchange trading system adopted by Matrix Banco for its managed account service is based on different algorithms developed in-house. These algorithms generate daily transactions on the spot Forex market and more specifically on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and AUD/USD currency pairs.

Matrix Banco Portfolio is designed for investors seeking superior long or short-term returns by investing in an actively managed portfolio of diversified currency pairs.

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